Angela Herd, Respiratory Therapist

Why is the mechanical ventilator an important piece of equipment for our facility?

We are talking about a machine that provides BREATH, Life support! Inhaling the good (oxygen) and exhaling the bad (carbon dioxide). You know the work that your body does on autopilot. Proper breathing helps to keep your body in balance. We need oxygen for our muscles and we need to get rid of carbon dioxide that the muscles have made as exhaust. With a critical illness, there is a high level of carbon dioxide that needs to be removed. Despite your natural ability to breathe, when we are very ill or need surgery and are put to sleep, we need support to breathe. The use of a mechanical ventilator allows us to do this in a safe and comfortable manner.

Mechanical ventilation can be defined as the technique through which gas is moved toward and from the lungs through an external device connected directly to the patient. This device needs to be cost effective to our hospital while providing optimal support to the patient. The equipment needs to be user friendly but have the latest technology so that there is minimal risk to the patient.  

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