Temiskaming Hospital welcomes 4 third-year medical students beginning their Comprehensive Community Clerkship from the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM).


Last week, April, Julie, Wale and Stéphanie began their eight-month placement at Temiskaming Hospital as part of their third year studies. These students will explore a wide range of clinical learning activities throughout the community and hospital. Students gain valuable hands-on practical experience with assignments in the hospital’s Emergency, in-patient and Operating Departments, specialist’s clinics, and in primary care clinics.

Dr. Femi Olokodana, Chief of Staff, added that physicians are honored to partner with NOSM. “As physicians we play a vital role in educating future doctors to be competent and compassionate physicians.” he said.

Temiskaming Hospital continues to be a highly sought after training site thanks to our local physicians who take the time to provide expert training and hands on experiences.  It is these positive experiences that assist in recruiting these individuals to our area following graduation.   


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