Temiskaming Shores, ON, June 7, 2018 – Temiskaming Hospital has released its new logo identifying a rebranding of the hospital. “It is time for a fresh look for the hospital.” stated Mike Baker, President and Chief Executive Officer. “It sends a message to employees, staff and the community that something new is happening here”.

A key reason for changing the hospitals branding is to incorporate the related operations of the Hospital, Hospital Foundation and the CAT Scan Foundation. As illustrated below, the new look creates a cleaner and more obvious link between these partner operations.

The new logo is also in French which aligns with the hospital’s application for French Language Services designation.  “One of our key responsibilities as a public facility is to ensure the population we serve is provided with services in an accessible and safe environment.” stated Baker. “The percentage of francophone members in our community ranges from 24% to over 30%, depending on the source of information. That is a significant number of people that we are responsible for, to ensure they feel safe in speaking their language of choice.  It means we can all receive the best care possible.” 

The Hospital has established a French Language Services Committee to ensure its application for French Language Services designation is successful. Heading the committee is Lisa Poeta, Manager of Human Resources at the Hospital, along with Hospital team members: Patrick Rieux, Information Technology; Allyson Campsall, Patient Relations;  Angela Peters-Carlson, Chief Financial Officer; Erin Montgomery, Chief Nursing Executive and Mike Baker, Chief Executive Officer. Also joining the Committee are Danielle Belanger-Corbin, Community Engagement and Planning Officer from Réseau du mieux-être francophone du Nord de l’Ontario and Johanne Labonte, French Language Services Lead with the North East Local Health Integration Network.

“We will continue to work with other underrepresented groups in making them feel safe and welcome in our hospital.” stated Baker.” We are working with the Indigenous community to establish an Indigenous Health Services Circle that will discuss how traditional services can be provided at the Temiskaming Hospital.” 

All three Boards, the Hospital, the Hospital Foundation and the CAT Scan Foundation, recently approved the rebranding of the logo for each operation. The French translation for all three logos was provided by an accredited French language translation service provided by the Ontario government.

The cost of the rebranding will be insignificant as most items, such as letterhead, forms, templates, etc. are produced internally. The cost incurred to change the sign at the north entrance, has been budgeted for. 




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